image from evo websiteEvery year TESOL’s  CALL Interest Section  hosts the Electronic Village Online (EVO) in advance of the TESOL annual convention. These online 6-week sessions are open to anyone, not just members of TESOL, and while some people are not language teachers, most participants and moderators are involved in language learning and technology in some way. Modertors of the sessions are all volunteers; interested community members who are willilng to share their time and expertise with the rest of us.

I highly recommend EVO for anyone who is interested in learning more about technology and language teaching. This year there are 12 sessions underway. They  started on January 11 and run until Feb. 21. Some familiar sessions are being offered. Becoming a Webhead and Multiliteracies for Social Networks and Collaborative Learning Environments are two that I have perviously particiated in. There are 10 others that sound just as interesting.  I don’t have the time to participate this year and neither will the  students in the CALL course. But, the nice thing about EVO is that you can register for a sesson and just lurk, listen, read, and not be an active participant. That is more doable and is definitely worth the effort!